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FALL 2010

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Fighting for Their Dreams In and Outside the Ring


Are You the Next Women's Boxing Champion?

- Are you currently a female amateur boxer?

- Are you facing a Major life issue or challenge?

- If this describes YOU and you're at least
16 years old Read Below!


*The WEBTV series "Outside the Box" is looking for women who are SERIOUS about pursuing a career in boxing; who have a captivating story; or who are dealing with unique challenges in the process of reaching their goal to box.Our cameras will follow your journey toward fulfilling your dream!**

(*Filming will take place primarily in Philadelphia, New York/New Jersey and Washington D.C.)

Please email the following information to OTBCasting@drtfilms.com:

  • First and last name
  • Your Age
  • Your boxing nickname (if you have one)
  • Current Address
  • Email address
  • Phone number (mobile or other)
  • Send at least 2 pictures of your self:
    1. A head-shot
    2. A shot of you in your boxing gear
  • If you're employed, what type of work do you do?
  • If you're in school, what’s your school and major?
  • Daily schedule (work, school, training, children, etc)
  • Any hobbies and/or activities you're involved in
  • Your boxing experience (How long, how many bouts, any titles held, etc.)

Tell us who you are

Briefly answer the following:
  • What motivated you to become a boxer?

  • What's your story?
    • Describe a personal life issue or challenge you are currently facing.
    • How is your involvement in boxing helping you to overcome the personal
      issue/challenge in your life?

  • Why is your story compelling enough to be on TV?
    (i.e. Why will your story interest people to watch the show?!)

Show us your skills in the Ring

If you have any boxing video of yourself on YouTube or Facebook send us the link -
We'd love to see your moves!

Email your casting info to OTBCasting@drtfilms.com - We want to hear from you!

**DRTFilms & "Outside the Box" are not affiliated with The Olympic Games, USA Boxing or any other boxing organization. Appearing in the series will NOT guarantee advancement of your boxing career.
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